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To contribute your music towards the ZAC World Music Project, please email your work for review to

ZAC World Music Project

The world music project is an initiative by the Zandoli Arts Council to promote awareness of the expansive benefits of philanthropy through music.  ZAC World Music Project combines songs from artists around the globe from many genres.  Proceeds from the ZAC World Music Project go to fund programs at Zandoli International Foundation.  

Zandoli Arts Council

Stephen Lawson is the Director of Arts Programs for Zandoli International Foundation, Inc. and is based in Germany.  

This program was established in love and is continually nurtured by the creative spirit of human awesomeness we have at the Zandoli International Foundation.  It exists to support the exploration of  fine arts, local crafts, music, fashion, dance, writing and film.

"Origin"by Stephen Lawson