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Aug 2016


Champion for Children Saint Lucia

Camille St. Omer
Director - Zandoli STEM Council


BASILICA Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception
Cathedral Fundraising Committee

Zandoli Sports Council


Zandoli STEM Coucil
Learn or Teach


Accepting applications
President - Zandoli SAINT LUCIA

Send resume to info@zandoli.org

Samantha St. Omer
Director of Treasury


Camille St. Omer
Chief Executive Officer


Accepting applications
Director of Legal Affairs

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recent programs

Zandoli STEM Coucil is offering free STEM training. 

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Foundation EVENTS

Zandoli international Foundation Free Stem Training For Minorities Women And Veterans

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OUr partnerS:
Notable Partnerships: Red Cross Saint Lucia (through our Verl H. James, Director of Emergency Management),

St. Joseph's Convent through Dean, Sister Rufina, Father Michel Francis with the Basilica Cathedral, Taj weekes & TOCO foundation / unicef champion for children

Bertilia Jean-Baptiste
Director of Faith-Based Missions

Saint Lucia bjbaptiste@zandoli.org

Father Michel Francis
Basilica Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception

Saint Lucia

Accepting applications
Director of Regional Affairs

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Stephen Lawson
Director - Zandoli Arts Council

Germany slawson@zandoli.org

Accepting applications

Fundraising Events Manager 

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Taj Weekes
Official Zandoli Partner

Jonathan Gladding
Contributing Artist

World famous fine artist has contributed some of his paintings to our website in support of the people of Saint Lucia. Find out more on him here.

Nov 2016

        Zandoli now accepting applications 2017-2018

Jan 2017


Jonathan Bhagan
Chair - Caribbean Committee against

Sex Crimes CCASC  ​ccasc@zandoli.org

mission & vision

No need is too small and no voice is too quiet. We are committed to serving our community through education, advocacy and provision of resources.

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