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Scientists have discovered that our DNA is programmable by frequency. When research was conducted it was found that 99% of our DNA functions like a language with syntax! What that means for us today, is what wise people have know for years, you can alter your mind, and body (now we have proof) at the molecular level.  Speaking negatively about oneself is likely to reap negative results for that person, and  speaking positively will show great benefits. Examining the language we use to communicate with ourselves and finding the best ways to build the mind into a fortress for productivity our some of the fundamentals that this program exists to fulfill.


Body care extends beyond the basic hygiene routines we've been taught.  The outside of the body requires daily maintenance and cleansing with showers and bodywash/soap. The inside also requires a daily maintenance and cleanings. Unlike our outer bodies, most of our internal processes our automated and involuntary thereby relying on preset algorithms to execute functions such as digestion, perspiration, and breathing to name a few.  When the body's internal structure does not receive the required amount of daily maintenance over time, certain processes begin to malfunction. Also the food we eat acts as the fuel to keep all these elements going. When poor diets, insufficient cleansing and extermination, and lack of daily regular exercise are combined, you have an eventual breakdown waiting to happen.  Learning the right exercises for your body and best diets will improve productivity in people and a healthier workforce.

organic farming

Teaching students and volunteers how to farm organically without harmful chemical-based pesticides.  We intend to spread organic culture to the island where most people assume what they are eating is organic, but may not be the case.  While produce may be freshly picked, most local farmers use

chemical pesticides that may have harmful side affects on the human mind and body over time.  


The purpose of this department is to raise awareness on climate change and promote wellness education and organic agriculture throughout the under privileged communities in the Caribbean.