Zandoli international Foundation Start A Zandoli Group

Zandoli International Foundation start a zandoli group

How to Start A Zandoli Group in Your Area or School

Want to make an impact on the world around you? Start with a Zandoli Group in your school or community today.  You will need these 2 things to get going:

1. First you will need 3 active volunteers. (So you and 2 of your friends must sign up to volunteer today to get started).

2. A place to hold your first fundraiser. Examples of this can be your backyard, a local church or school.  Must be accessible to persons with disabilities.


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A Nonprofit Organization

3. Fill out this form and you are now ready to go!

Zandoli Foundation is excited to expand our organization to any country in the world.  We will help you find organizations that will donate to your group in your area.

If you have questions on how to start your Zandoli Group give us a call or send us a message. We are waiting to hear from you!