A Nonprofit Organization

Want to Host a Fundraiser?

If you or your organization would like to support Zandoli by hosting a fundraiser for us without becoming group members we would love to have your involvement in anyway we can. We are delighted to receive your help and will do everything we can to make your fundraiser a success. 

Send us an email to info@Zandoli.org

What to include in the email:

  1. 1. Name of person(s) or organization
  2. 2. Type of Fundraiser (example: bake sale, auction, telethon, etc...)
  3. 3. Fundraiser Start and End dates
  4. 4. Contact info (phone, email, physical address)
  5. 5. Fundraiser Goal (example: $6000.00 USD) List amounts in USD for our office records

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